RAW (moonrose123) wrote in bayarearentals,

Artist live work in Oakland available

Hi, We are moving to Florida for a new job. We are helping our landlord by posting our current space in Oakland.

Description from Craigslist:

An artist's live/work space is available at the Boise-Cascade Building in East Oakland. The building has off-street parking, washer & dryer, outdoor bbq area, and a large shared garden area. It is located about 1/2 mile from the Fruitvale Bart Station.

The space is about 1600 square feet and is entered from a secured interior hallway. Downstairs is a large studio area with a hardwood floor and 12-15 foot ceilings. Good natural light fills the area from skylights and large windows. The second floor has a bedroom area, kitchen, and bathroom. Skylights in loft area open for ventilation.

Complete listing with pictures can be found here


If we were not moving, we would stay here indefinitely. We love our workspace and great neighbors
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