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1 bedroom apartment sought for June in East Bay

My fiance and I will be moving to the east bay from Massachusetts at the end of June, due to my job relocating to Richmond. My fiance will be working in Berkeley. We're looking for a one-bedroom apartment in a safe area within a 40 minute commute, $1100 or less, and a lease that starts any time between June and July. We'll be in the area this week and we're hoping to see some apartments while we're out there. I've noticed most landlords in the bay area only require tenants to give 30-days notice if they're vacating, which I find kind of weird. I've never lived in any apartment that required any less than 2 months notice...It makes finding apartments long-distance very limiting and difficult! I hope someone can help.

We also have an indoor cat. He is awesome and well-behaved. We are quiet, young professionals. Non-smokers. Flawless rental history and credit.

Any offers? Know of any vacancies in that time frame? You can either comment here, or email me: iamtheh@gmail.com

1. Where do you live now? Easthampton, MA
2. How much do you pay for rent? $675. We're also used to paying an extra $200+ for painful Massachusetts electric heat bills for half the year.
3. Where do you want to live? Alameda looks the most promising for us, but we're very flexible. Any place safe and within a reasonable commute to both Richmond and Berkeley is something we'd consider!
4. How much are you wanting/willing to pay for an apartment? $1100 max, maybe a little more if utilities are included.
5. If you are in the Bay Area what cities/neighborhoods should people avoid/look into? I'm not in the Bay area, but I know we're not interested in crime-ridden areas and anywhere next to an oil refinery. We are not big on living in the middle of an urban jungle either.

Thanks in advance!
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