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Seeking Family/Poly friendly Roomy - East Bay -500 Monthly

Hi, So our roommate hadn't paid us rent and we gave him 30 day notice, then he got a job and opted to move out anyways. Win Win situation all the way around, I think. Well now we are looking for a roommate who can pay 500 a month with 400 deposit for cleaning (We have to get it steam cleaned and cleaned professionally every time someone moves out) .

Everything included below:

Full Kitchen privileges
Shared Bathroom
Cupboard and fridge space
Utilities are included
Direct TV
Wireless Internet
Big Back Yard
Phone Usage
Your own room that has a dresser in it and large closet.

Plus we are a poly Gaming household. We hold our Champions Game every other Sunday night and it is a good chance you will make friends if you want to join :)

If you are interested please email me :)
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