just a girl who's trying to turn off the buzz (greencow) wrote in bayarearentals,
just a girl who's trying to turn off the buzz

newbie (sort of)

i was a member of this community about a year or so ago when i was looking for a place to live with my boyfriend. well. we've broken up and i'm currently looking for my own place to call home.

about me....

1. i live in san rafael, ca
2. i pay $1250/month split between 2 people
3. i'd like to stay in san rafael in or near town. i've lived here for almost 10 years (midwest transplant) and i know a lot of people here. plus my everything (dry cleaner, vet, dentist, etc) are here. place must allow pets as i have 1 4.5 year old kitty.
4. what i'm looking for: i'm hoping to find something around $1000 plus/minus for a studio. i know it's possible (and i know it's difficult too...). i'm also open to sharing a place with a cool person or people.
5. what i love/what to avoid: marin is a great county except really expensive and i'm still looking for my niche. if i didn't live in san rafael, i'd consider moving into sf...but since my job is here, i'd prefer to stay here.
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