chelsea (island_fae) wrote in bayarearentals,


Hi, I'm Chelsea. I'm doing the survey...

1. Where do you live now? Santa Cruz, CA
2. How much do you pay for rent? $600 (three bedroom/one bath small house: $1750, I have the master bedroom)
3. Where do you want to live? (Not just city but kind of neighborhood. Kid friendly, artsy, gay, etc) I have a job lined up for next year at an elementary school in southwest Santa Rosa. I'm not sure exactly which school I'll be at, but I want to be within walking distance (or at least within biking distance) because I don't have a car. I also have a cat, so I want a cat-friendly place, starting August 1.
4. How much are you wanting/willing to pay for an apartment? $600. I can't afford more because I won't be making much.
5. If you are in the Bay Area what cities/neighborhoods should people avoid/look into? N/A
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