Heather (hheather) wrote in bayarearentals,

Finding the "perfect" place

A good friend and i are looking for a 2bedroom apartment to rent. Our max rent is 1400.
We have a few requirements.
It needs to be close to BART or near enough to an extremely frequent bus that goes to BART because neither of us can drive. It needs to be cat friendly as I've got a Maine Coon who would be distraught without me and vice versa.
The trouble we're having is this we both also have large dogs 69lb lab and 77lb golden/lab the catch is that they aren't really pets they're our guide dogs. the probelm is that we want to be on good terms with our landlord so we don't want ot hide our dogs but we don't want to be turned awway for them or have to stick to finding places that are specifically dog friendly as that narrows our options tremendously. Both dogs are well behaved clean and mostly quiet (one will bark once if someone knocks or rings the bell)
If anyone knows of anything that's available it would be greatly appreciated.
we'd also really like to stick to places on the pittsburgh baypoint line and in san francisco.

thanks again for ay help.
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