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[11 Oct 2009|12:21am]

room available immediately in San BrunoCollapse )
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Room for Rent: SANTA ROSA, CA (North Bay, Sonoma County) [05 Aug 2009|09:17pm]

Looking for a tenant to rent a room in this 2 bedroom duplex:

A little about us: We are a married couple in their late 20s with no children. I am a registered dietitian working in Sonoma, and my husband works for Santa Rosa Junior College. We're runners and I am also a triathlete. We like to play games, we're both addicted to our computers, I am a social butterfly and my husband is an introvert.

We've lived here for 6 years and are very happy with the place. It is 2 miles from Annadel and Spring Lake, and about 6 miles from the junior college. A runner or mountain biker would probably most appreciate our location so near to Annadel. We would love to have a roommate who enjoys an active lifestyle as we do!

The place is fully furnished except for whatever bedroom furniture the tenant might need, but we would be open to using better living room furniture and getting rid of ours.

There is a backyard, a garage (for storage, not a vehicle), a dishwasher, and washer/dryer. The house has hardwood floors and plenty of space. There is one bathroom that we would all share. Kitchen appliances include: refrigerator/freezer, electric stove/oven, microwave, crockpot, coffeemaker (single use), toaster, rice/vegetable steamer, and use of any utensils. There is plenty of street parking, and one car space in the driveway. We currently share one car, but will eventually own two.

We have one cat:

No other pets, please.

We are charging $550/month plus 1/3 of the utilities (no water/garbage). This includes:
- Wireless DSL internet with AT&T
- Local phone line with AT&T
- Gas/electric with PG&E (no A/C)
- No cable TV at this time, but open to negotiations

We will also require a $400 deposit and two references upon application. There will be a 6 month lease, with month-to-month following the 6 month period.

Please comment or email gonzostar AT gmail DOT com if interested. We would love to meet you!
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Artist live work in Oakland available [31 Jul 2009|06:17pm]

Hi, We are moving to Florida for a new job. We are helping our landlord by posting our current space in Oakland.

Description from Craigslist:

An artist's live/work space is available at the Boise-Cascade Building in East Oakland. The building has off-street parking, washer & dryer, outdoor bbq area, and a large shared garden area. It is located about 1/2 mile from the Fruitvale Bart Station.

The space is about 1600 square feet and is entered from a secured interior hallway. Downstairs is a large studio area with a hardwood floor and 12-15 foot ceilings. Good natural light fills the area from skylights and large windows. The second floor has a bedroom area, kitchen, and bathroom. Skylights in loft area open for ventilation.

Complete listing with pictures can be found here


If we were not moving, we would stay here indefinitely. We love our workspace and great neighbors
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1 bedroom apartment sought for June in East Bay [05 Apr 2009|10:57pm]

My fiance and I will be moving to the east bay from Massachusetts at the end of June, due to my job relocating to Richmond. My fiance will be working in Berkeley. We're looking for a one-bedroom apartment in a safe area within a 40 minute commute, $1100 or less, and a lease that starts any time between June and July. We'll be in the area this week and we're hoping to see some apartments while we're out there. I've noticed most landlords in the bay area only require tenants to give 30-days notice if they're vacating, which I find kind of weird. I've never lived in any apartment that required any less than 2 months notice...It makes finding apartments long-distance very limiting and difficult! I hope someone can help.

We also have an indoor cat. He is awesome and well-behaved. We are quiet, young professionals. Non-smokers. Flawless rental history and credit.

Any offers? Know of any vacancies in that time frame? You can either comment here, or email me: iamtheh@gmail.com

1. Where do you live now? Easthampton, MA
2. How much do you pay for rent? $675. We're also used to paying an extra $200+ for painful Massachusetts electric heat bills for half the year.
3. Where do you want to live? Alameda looks the most promising for us, but we're very flexible. Any place safe and within a reasonable commute to both Richmond and Berkeley is something we'd consider!
4. How much are you wanting/willing to pay for an apartment? $1100 max, maybe a little more if utilities are included.
5. If you are in the Bay Area what cities/neighborhoods should people avoid/look into? I'm not in the Bay area, but I know we're not interested in crime-ridden areas and anywhere next to an oil refinery. We are not big on living in the middle of an urban jungle either.

Thanks in advance!
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Looking for Roommates! [27 Mar 2009|11:34am]

I am planning on moving to SF this summer and I have already found one roommate to move with me but we are in search for two other roommates who would be willing to share a room to make rent cheaper. We are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in the city. If any of you are interested or know anyone that wants in, please contact me: bklauert@gmail.com

We are both 18, art students, and open-minded.

thank you!
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Request [13 Mar 2009|09:36am]

My friend and I plan to move down to Santa Rosa from Clearlake. I was wondering if anyone knew of some cheap apartments or house rentals? If possible mail me a newspaper or whatnot?
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Seeking Family/Poly friendly Roomy - East Bay -500 Monthly [28 Feb 2009|01:45pm]

[ mood | hurting ]

Hi, So our roommate hadn't paid us rent and we gave him 30 day notice, then he got a job and opted to move out anyways. Win Win situation all the way around, I think. Well now we are looking for a roommate who can pay 500 a month with 400 deposit for cleaning (We have to get it steam cleaned and cleaned professionally every time someone moves out) .

Everything included below:

Full Kitchen privileges
Shared Bathroom
Cupboard and fridge space
Utilities are included
Direct TV
Wireless Internet
Big Back Yard
Phone Usage
Your own room that has a dresser in it and large closet.

Plus we are a poly Gaming household. We hold our Champions Game every other Sunday night and it is a good chance you will make friends if you want to join :)

If you are interested please email me :)

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$950 [Berkeley] Room available in NEW downtown complex near UC, library [17 Nov 2008|12:55pm]

My roommate has moved out and I need to find a new roommate until my lease expires in July. The room is in Library Gardens, a beautiful new apartment complex located in downtown Berkeley, right next to the Berkeley Public Library. The room is 8 feet by 10 feet and is unfurnished, although I do have an extra desk you could have if you wanted. The apartment gets a lot of sun and opens up onto a beautiful patio. The rent is $950 with a $1000 deposit. There's coin laundry on the premises, the complex is wheelchair accessible, there's also a mini park on the premises. The apartment has an electric stove, microwave, garbage disposal, and dishwasher. Cable internet and garbage are included. I also have an ice-cream maker and will share my ice-cream with you. :) Pets are welcome, but please no smokers.

I am 23, female, open-minded and queer-friendly, and a student at UC Berkeley. I am a non-smoker, no drugs, pretty clean, but a bit of mess doesn't bother me. I have a chronic illness so I am not a big partier, I spend most of my time studying or sleeping. I also have a dog who is quiet and also very lazy.

PicsCollapse )
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newbie (sort of) [14 Nov 2008|11:49pm]

i was a member of this community about a year or so ago when i was looking for a place to live with my boyfriend. well. we've broken up and i'm currently looking for my own place to call home.

about me....

1. i live in san rafael, ca
2. i pay $1250/month split between 2 people
3. i'd like to stay in san rafael in or near town. i've lived here for almost 10 years (midwest transplant) and i know a lot of people here. plus my everything (dry cleaner, vet, dentist, etc) are here. place must allow pets as i have 1 4.5 year old kitty.
4. what i'm looking for: i'm hoping to find something around $1000 plus/minus for a studio. i know it's possible (and i know it's difficult too...). i'm also open to sharing a place with a cool person or people.
5. what i love/what to avoid: marin is a great county except really expensive and i'm still looking for my niche. if i didn't live in san rafael, i'd consider moving into sf...but since my job is here, i'd prefer to stay here.
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Roommate in Sunnyvale [27 Oct 2008|10:03pm]

Share a 1200 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in Sunnyvale. Near
Lawrence Expy, 101, and 237. Convenient to Sunnyvale CalTrain and
Fremont BART.

Lots of storage space in garage, washer/dryer, large fenced yard with
mature fruit trees and covered patio. Rent includes your own bedroom,
your own full bathroom and shared common areas; living room, kitchen,
dining room, plus shared 3rd bedroom to be set up as either a guest
room or home office, parking available in driveway.

No smokers or drugs. Women, LGBT & kink friendly a plus!

Available by 12/01/08. Rent $1000 + 50% of utilities. Pet a
possibility. Looking for a long term renter. For more information,
please email Pat at pat.baillieabq@gmail.com.
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J-Term Housing [25 Oct 2008|09:04pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


I'm looking for an internship in the San Fran area (I'll know if I got it by Tuesday) so just to cover my bases incase I do get it, I'm looking for housing, but only for the month of January. I'm a student, aged 20, so I can't afford anything more than $300 (maybe less) but I'm looking to be in an area close to public transportation so I can get around, and I'm also planning on visiting a school in Berkeley for grad-type work so I'll need easy access to that!

If you know anyone, or can help me yourself, please feel free to message me via LJ and we can talk that way!!


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21 year old artsy person looking for place with other people! [24 Oct 2008|02:57pm]


Hello Friends,

In two months I will sadly be able to call myself a college graduate. But alas, I’m just not ready to move to the big city with that girlfriend I don’t have and start that career which I also don’t have. Being open minded and aimless, my only dream is to start a new life somewhere with a bunch of crazy art school kids.


I come from SUNY Purchase, a school that defines the words “liberal” and “artsy.” For instance, In my sound/interactive media class my lab partner has constructed a Tiki costume out of cardboard and bamboo which he wears on a daily basis. What a blast!

I am the best roommate I know. Clean, tidy, respectful, easy, quiet, and some people may say almost too quiet. I find myself learning to love just about everything that comes across my path. These things include Polar Bears, ultra-loud music, assorted books, typography, and dancing! And if I were one of those kids that defined himself by his music he listens to then the last three shows I went to were Deerhoof, Skeletonbreath/Monotonix, and the Wham City Round Robin Tour.

Sigh. It’s hard to sell myself on this livejournal but, it’s better than craigslist and I would really prefer to live with some creative minded people as opposed to a middle aged depressed man with poor taste in music and no sense of adventure.

Please feel free to contact me any time with questions if you’re looking for someone to fill a spot in your apartment or looking to move out of your dorm come this January. Short term/long term whatever.

Email: brendan.byrne@purchase.edu

Hugs and fishes!

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might as well [27 May 2008|02:52am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

i know this is a difficult find.

looking for:
4-5 bedroom (at least 2 bath)
house or apartment
max: $4000-4200/ month rent
starting july or august, 6-12 month lease

*in any of these locations: mission district, outer sunset (judah), lower haight, dolores park area/ church & market

aboutCollapse )

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new. [26 May 2008|09:56pm]

Hi, I'm Chelsea. I'm doing the survey...

1. Where do you live now? Santa Cruz, CA
2. How much do you pay for rent? $600 (three bedroom/one bath small house: $1750, I have the master bedroom)
3. Where do you want to live? (Not just city but kind of neighborhood. Kid friendly, artsy, gay, etc) I have a job lined up for next year at an elementary school in southwest Santa Rosa. I'm not sure exactly which school I'll be at, but I want to be within walking distance (or at least within biking distance) because I don't have a car. I also have a cat, so I want a cat-friendly place, starting August 1.
4. How much are you wanting/willing to pay for an apartment? $600. I can't afford more because I won't be making much.
5. If you are in the Bay Area what cities/neighborhoods should people avoid/look into? N/A
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[24 May 2008|10:25pm]


I've been trying to find a large dog friendly apartment in the bay area for a while. I have two dogs,  both around 50Ibs, well behaved. Most places I've gone to do not allow large dogs, or only one, so I was hoping you guys could help me out.

I also do not have the best credit (from college days) but I do have a stable job where I'm making good money.

Price range is under 2,000 a month (the lower the better) and preferably 2-bedrooms, though will take 1 if it's good for large dogs.

Any ideas?

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1 bedroom in a 2-bedroom apartment for rent [03 Dec 2007|01:53pm]


hi all!

i have a bedroom in a spacious 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment for rent.

the apartment is conveniently located in the lake merritt area, across from laney college. it's a swift walk to lake merritt bart; close to various bus lines. there is also ample street parking.

the bedroom is 10'x12' with nice closet space. both the room and living room area have huge windows allowing for lots of natural light. carpet throughout the apartment with linoleum tile in the shared bathroom and kitchen. kitchen is modern, equipped with electric stove, microwave and dishwasher.

the apartment building itself is a high rise building with elevators. there's laundry facility on-site, as well as a gym.

it is available now, and the rent is $810.00.

thank you!

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[18 Aug 2007|12:19pm]

looking for a place in the south bay, rent range is 5-650, thanks!
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Finding the "perfect" place [25 Jul 2007|10:52pm]

A good friend and i are looking for a 2bedroom apartment to rent. Our max rent is 1400.
We have a few requirements.
It needs to be close to BART or near enough to an extremely frequent bus that goes to BART because neither of us can drive. It needs to be cat friendly as I've got a Maine Coon who would be distraught without me and vice versa.
The trouble we're having is this we both also have large dogs 69lb lab and 77lb golden/lab the catch is that they aren't really pets they're our guide dogs. the probelm is that we want to be on good terms with our landlord so we don't want ot hide our dogs but we don't want to be turned awway for them or have to stick to finding places that are specifically dog friendly as that narrows our options tremendously. Both dogs are well behaved clean and mostly quiet (one will bark once if someone knocks or rings the bell)
If anyone knows of anything that's available it would be greatly appreciated.
we'd also really like to stick to places on the pittsburgh baypoint line and in san francisco.

thanks again for ay help.
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Coastside Pet Friendly Housing? [16 Jul 2007|06:16pm]

Hi all,

I am desperately searching for pet friendly housing (very well behaved 35lb terrier mix) in the Half Moon Bay area. I know it's a small community, and everything is word of mouth. I am checking the local paper and craigslist regularly.

If anyone sees for rents signs in the area, or knows of anything, I'd appreciate having it sent in my direction.

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[02 Jul 2007|05:19am]

hi, all.

my boyfriend and i are currently looking for an apartment. in fact, we need to move by July 30 and no later than Aug 10. we are looking in the fairfax/san rafael/novato areas.  we currently live in san rafael and pay $1025 a month for a 600 sq ft apartment. i've lived in the same apartment for a bit over 5 years and he's lived with me for 1 year.

we're looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, with friendly neighbours.we need something near public transportation. it must be pet friendly as we have a 3 year old indoor/outdoor cat

if anyone knows of anything available, please let me know. you can either comment here or email me at faeriedragon27 (at) gmail (dot) com

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